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Logistic traffic and warehouse management system from 199 EUR / month !


About us

  • TERACODE, UAB - has been specializing in the development and implementation of programs for the manufacturing industry for a decade. Our specialists have a huge knowledge that will help you find out the solution that provides the greatest value to the customer as fast as possible
  • Our goal is fully digitize customer logistics and warehouse management into a single LOGIFLY system
  • Logistics traffic and warehouse management - our competence

LOGIFLY system


  • Full digitized warehouse management
  • Quality control of stored products
  • Digitized document signing
  • Automated logistics flow management
  • Organization of cargo tenders
  • Possibility to create reports independently

Devices integration

  • Car number plate recognition cameras
  • Security post firewalls
  • Traffic lights
  • Scales
  • Lightboards
  • RFID sensors
  • MOXA controllers

Why us?

  • Good understanding of logistics and warehouse management process
  • Full control of the system implementation project
  • Fully digitized warehousing and logistics process
  • Integrations with logistic yard control devices


Logistic traffic

40% optimized car flow in warehouses, 40% more cargo is unloaded / loaded.


More attractive workplace, clearer and simpler process.

Information in real time

With the help of TV and billboards, the loading flow, sequence, car diversions are controlled.

Quality checking

Bad raw materials quality are recorded and sent to the responsible persons with photos and other information.

Frow control

Automatic recognition and distribution of car numbers in the territory with the help of signs and traffic lights

Weight control

Weighing of cars and weight control of incoming and outgoing products, generation of loading documents



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